Looking for an interior photographer in The Netherlands?


Obviously, I could now end this article by saying: “don’t look any further, because you just found one!”, but perhaps this needs a little more explanation. The photography of interiors is a niche discipline in photography that requires special insight, equipment and technical skills of the photographer. First of all, I will explain the challenges a photographer is faced with when photographing an interior. Secondly, I will explain the background of Vincent Hartman, the founding Photographer of STUDIOVHF, a photo studio for commercial and advertising photography, product and interiors.

Interior Photographer Netherlands

Interior photography is so fulfilling because it is actually very difficult to create stunning images of stunning interiors. It is not a simple capture of what is seen, as many viewers may think, but a thorough process of composing and exposure. Without going in to much detail, I will list the challenges here:

    • translating a 3-dimensional space seen with the ‘fish-eye’ human eye into a 2-dimensional image with relatively narrow angle of view. The positioning of the camera here is crucial to ensure to highlight the key features of an interior in relation to the surroundings. All this in a way that the actual flat photo on it’s own is also interesting to look at as a stand alone image;

    • maintaining vertical lines. With the above positioning of the camera in mind, vertical lines need to stay that way also with a higher or lower that usual viewpoint. For an overview of a retail space for instance a conventional camera needs to be pointed downwards to avoid exposing more ceiling than interior of a space, resulting in diverging lines;

    • huge contrasts between shadow area’s and highlight area’s or area’s illuminated by natural light from outside the building;

    • colour differences between various light sources like daylight, tungsten, fluorescent and led.

STUDIOVHF has the drive, creativity and experience to tackle all the above mentioned challenges. Assignments for interior photography come from architects and designers, design and build companies, property developers and suppliers to the building and interiors industry. Based near Zwolle, 60 miles from the centre of the country, the photographers cover the whole of The Netherlands.

Interior photographer STUDIOVHF

The photographers of STUDIOVHF, Vincent Hartman and (niece) Iris Hartman have wide combined and complimentary skills. Vincent Hartman started his photography business in the early nineties and Iris just graduated as a professional photographer from the arts academy and is specialised in product photography. Vincent knows the days of the analogue photography and spent as much hours in the darkroom as he is now sitting behind his calibrated high-end monitor. When the photography industry changed from analogue to digital, Vincent felt that general quality standards went down and he said goodbye to his photography career to work in… indeed the interiors industry! For this he worked in a number of European countries and further afield and lived and worked in the UK for 5 years. Therefore, Vincent is fluent in English and German and will photograph you projects with pleasure throughout Europe!